How to Calculate Net Sales: 10 Steps with Pictures

net sales revenue formula

Those payments are deducted later in your business’s accounting process, after you’ve calculated net revenue. Net sales is not the same as profit as it does not include the operating costs of the company. Net income mentions the leftover revenue after all the expenses are paid off. If a company’s income statement only has a single line item for revenues that is labeled “sales,” it is usually assumed that the figure refers to net sales. In the month of May, your business sold $62,000 worth of products on credit.

Net profit is calculated by deducting all company expenses from its total revenue. The result of the profit margin calculation is a percentage – for example, a 10% profit margin means for each $1 of revenue the company earns $0.10 in net profit. Revenue represents the total sales sales revenue of the company in a period. The top number is gross sales, and the different components are deducted to derive net sales. Gross profit is calculated using the net sales, and not the gross sales numbers. Sales returns include any returns of products purchased by consumers.

What Is Net Sales?

In such cases, the full amount is refunded back to the customer. Compensation may impact the order of which offers appear on page, but our editorial opinions and ratings are not influenced by compensation. It is recommended to compare only companies in the same sector with similar business models.

How do you calculate net sales revenue quizlet?

Net sales revenue is calculated as sales revenue less sales returns and allowances and sales discount. Net sales revenue is the amount a company has earned on sales of merchandise inventory after sales returns and allowances and sales discount have been taken out.

Net profit margin is a strong indicator of a firm’s overall success and is usually stated as a percentage. However, keep in mind that a single number in a company report is rarely adequate to point out overall company performance. An increase in revenue might translate to a loss if followed by an increase in expenses. On the other hand, a decrease in revenue, followed by tight control over expenses, might put the company further in profit. The following table showcases the gross sales and other details like allowances and discounts of Schwarz Enterprises. In the previous example, revenue from teddy bear sales is considered direct sales revenue. But let’s also say that the company has cash in the bank that earned an additional $100 in interest during this accounting period.


Net sales is total revenue, less the cost of sales returns, allowances, and discounts. This is the primary sales figure reviewed by analysts when they examine the income statement of a business. Net sales refers to the total amount of sales made by a business after all deductions have been considered.

How do you calculate net sales revenue?

  1. Net Sales = Gross Sales – Sales Returns – Allowances – Discounts.
  2. Net Sales = (Total Units Sold x Sale Per Unit Price) – Sales Returns – Allowances – Discounts.
  3. Net Sales = (25,000 x $20) – $40,000 – $60,000 – $20,000 = $380,000.

In this example, sales revenue is everything earned from the sale of the bears. But the company actually earned revenue from activities not related to its core business—the money generated from interest.

Sales Revenue

In other words, it measures the revenue brought in via the company’s primary business activities. Net revenue subtracts the cost of goods sold from gross revenue.

net sales revenue formula