How To Find If A Website Uses Php Or Asp?

Although it might be possible that some programming language or framework was a perfect match for your previous projects, the final selection should correspond to the ongoing requirements. Due to the wide range of technologies available, the companies have to do extensive research to make the final decision. Base One Foundation Component Library is RAD framework for building .NET database and distributed computing applications.

PHP error handling is traditionally considered poor compared to other programming languages, so it can take more time to discover why a particular piece of code isn’t working as expected. Both ASP.NET and PHP web applications are extremely scalable languages. The development talent you hire matters more to scalability than the language you choose. In this regard, you should consider the state of your business. Both PHP and ASP.NET web development are equally equipped to access file systems, find images, and display pages on a web server. The speed of these performances relies much more on the database server, end user’s computer, and bandwidth, etc.


Instead of running multiple environments, you’re running one, but you can choose different development tools to build and deploy pages and applications. It is used to develop a dynamic website or web application. PHP can easily integrate with all major web servers on all major operating systems.

We welcome your positive feedback for appreciating our work. If you want us to make some improvements to our article, we will be happy to hear from you. Mixing and matching tools like this gives PHP asp net usage developers a path to ASP.NET development and its Razor inline code options—an effective hybrid development model. This approach lets you choose your web development tool to edit your site code.

What Is The Difference Between Php And Asp Net?

It has a list of extensions currently available, along with documentation on how to make your own extension. For many of the applications in the gallery, there are a core set of files that should not be changed. There’s a metric pile of Open Source projects in the Application Gallery so you can get WordPRess or Umbraco or whatever running just by File | New. Anyways, I’m looking to learn either ASP.NET (C#) or PHP.

  • It comes with a set of tools that supports the developer’s creativity, thus a business gets better looking and better-performing websites.
  • As we have seen, it is tough to differentiate between ASP.NET and PHP.
  • Python is a portable language, so it can run on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms.
  • For applications that use PHP, there is a brand new PHP editor that features IntelliSense, code collapsing, and PHP 5.4 support.
  • That makes switching to, and learning, a new type of project (let’s say going from WordPress/PHP to developing ASP.NET/Razor website) seamless as far as your IDE is concerned.
  • You will find several pre-written scripts in PHP that can help with common tasks.

In the scenario mentioned above, the coding language simply communicates with the database and web servers to produce the desired outcome. For example, one of the most common tasks of any web application is to query a database and output the results on the web server— and ultimately to the end user’s browser. We are India’s best custom software development and technology consulting company.

Asp Net Vs Php: What Is The Better Job Market?

ASP.NET is available for free to use, though for integration, hosting and other app requirements, Microsoft charges a fee for it. As ASP.NET is a Microsoft product itself, integration of other Microsoft services with it greatly increase the workflow efficiency, productivity, and management of company operations/projects. When a website/app needs to be developed for a business within a corporation’s intranet, then security and functionality become crucial along with integration with enterprise IT systems. While ASP.NET made the 4th position as one of the most popular web frameworks where it didn’t even make an appearance in the survey of 2018. Using PHP, developers can design web elements in a unique way that is not dictated by the managed code system of the .NET family.


Thus, different frameworks and integrations are available to support it. C# is an object-oriented programming language whereas PHP is NOT. 2,417,820 websites whereas Laravel shrinks to only 123,513. Moreover, ASP.NET leads the way in terms of market share as well as website categories. As we mentioned earlier, PHP is a programming language whereas ASP.NET is a framework. Secure software is an essential requirement for any development.

Php Vs Aspnet: Community Support

If you are a DIY Entrepreneur and want to dig a crack at developing with Drupal, PHP is the preferred option over ASP.NET as it is the language with the lowest learning curve. The industry has common myths about ASP.NET web development being a more elegant language than PHP. In reality, however, there is very little difference between the performance of PHP and ASP.NET websites.

PHP, unlike, offers you complete freedom in coding. As it is open-sourced, there are no restrictions on web or app development. There are several components that need to be considered to decide the tech stack for the website/application development. Almost every application/website requires to be scalable, quick in performance, provide security, ensure smooth functionality, look aesthetic, support seamless integrations and cost-effective. There are many common myths in the business about ASP.NET web development being a more sophisticated language than PHP.


Get in touch with us to request a quote for your business or project idea. Vertical scalability enhances the performance of the services. Solutions – PHP is very effective for small and medium-size projects, while ASP.NET often opts for medium and large-sized ones. Security – ASP.NET contains more in-built features as compared to PHP. Code – Interpreted coding is being used in PHP development, whereas in ASP.NET, compiled coding is being used. It needs more comprehensive research to comprehend your choices to fulfill ideas in the most suitable way.

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Being so if we look closely, PHP is considered best to develop for more personal and business websites, including social media websites like Facebook uses PHP and refactored using HPHPi & HHVM. ASP.Net gives complete control over the project including the writing of code and architecture implementation that defined the good performance of the website. Microsoft and Stackoverflow are built using ASP.NET and are highly scalable. Even after receiving a bundle of updates, innovative libraries, and framework support, the debate for using ASP.NET vs PHP has not seen an end. PHP has a substantial open-source community, and you can get multiple solutions online.

Customers can also benefit from the framework technology as it allows them to comply fully with various regulations. PHP is free and has access to many different extensions and libraries. In .NET, you can access many resources and information about the Microsoft Windows environment.

Key features of Python are Rapid development, Dynamic typing, and beautiful code, whereas Key features of PHP are Open source, Easy Deployment, Continual Improvements. Comparing Python vs. PHP for web development, Python offers a very clear and concise syntax of codes, whereas PHP has a wide range of naming conventions and syntax. We educate professionals in the area of software development so they can make the right decision in whatever field they belong to. Our site has more than 2 million unique visitors every month and we are able to establish strong partnerships with different organizations. Also, PHP is not suitable for building Desktop Applications which can be termed as another con of this language. When it comes to coding, we have already discussed that it is very easy to code using PHP, but the drawback is that it can only parse code within its delimiters.

It is a re-implementation of ASP.NET as a modular web framework, together with other frameworks like Entity Framework. The new framework uses the new open-source .NET Compiler Platform (codename “Roslyn”) and is cross platform. ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages have merged into a unified MVC 6. Even after comparing the difference between Python and PHP, selecting PHP or Python is an undoubtedly difficult task because PHP and Python both are good in their own ways. On the other side, PHP is used for server-side scripting and web development.

If you are using operating systems such as the MAC or Linux, you may use the Mono Project to work with ASP.Net on your system. ASP.NET is the safest web development technology available. It’s used by most banking websites and this is why we decided to use it too. When it comes to money, security and stability, you always need to be 100% sure.

Also, there is a considerable cost of licensing that is essential with PHP incurs a low hosting cost as compared to Windows hosting. That’s the reason new developers prefer PHP over The editing part of PHP is simple, as it does not use complicated codes.

Php Vs Aspnet: Cost

Speed and performance are the two advantages that you can enjoy over the servers when using PHP, unlike ASP.Net that exhibits a poor performance. The OS and file system that is used on the server profoundly impact the performance. A fact is that Linux Operating System and ext4 file system offer a higher I/O performance when compared to Windows and NTFS file system. As for the article below, the author makes a very good case in favor of PHP over .NET languages. I slowly started using Webmatrix for all Orchard CMS development, just because it was easy and fast. That makes switching to, and learning, a new type of project (let’s say going from WordPress/PHP to developing ASP.NET/Razor website) seamless as far as your IDE is concerned.

Personal Tools

If I was in your position, I would learn and then Java. PHP is pretty easy to pickup provided you have good coding practices. You don’t need to bear any added cost for an additional server to work as a backup for PHP. App Store Optimization is the process of enhancing the app visibility within the app stores and to grow app conversion rates.

If you want to download WebMatrix 2 and get started, it’s free. It will use the Web Platform installer to install and you can use it along site VS if you want, or all by itself on any machine. It’s actually a great companion for sites like Codecademy.

Thoughts On php Vs Asp Net: How To Choose The Right One?

As mentioned on PHP’s official website, ‘PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world’. As we have seen, it is tough to differentiate between ASP.NET and PHP. Over time, PHP has received comprehensive community support.

Php Vs Aspnet: Which One To Choose?

Also, customers are attracted by the reasonable cost and faster app development process since numerous ready-made tools can be found in the community. The main goal of web development using several popular programming languages ​​is to provide web applications with a better user experience, scalability, and flexibility. As a result, a growing trend is to provide advanced web applications to empower user experience and engagement and facilitate faster app development. PHP has a vast community of over 5 million PHP developers worldwide, so the language is actively developing and expanding. The fact that PHP is open source, and has helped it gain significant market share. However, many web developers start their careers with this programming language.

In Other Projects

Anything that extends beyond the delimiters will be sent to the output which is something that we do not want. You can use PHP in almost any context and with any operating systems. But, when it comes to ASP.Net we are all doubtful about its flexibility.

The good part is that ASP.NET IDEs come with a flexible range of features and functionalities that can turn the development procedure into an easy affair. From the learning perspective, ASP.NET holds a tough learning curve written in C# whereas PHP is easy. ASP.NET supports all required authentication protocols and ensures complete system security. Microsoft’s technology is constantly improving, and its community is also growing every year, even though it has not yet reached the scale of PHP. PHP is generally not suitable for desktop applications because it points to web applications.